Saturday, 22 November 2008

Inner Peace

The main problem many of us have is finding inner peace I think. For the last few weeks my life has been going very well because I'm chilled about things. If there is any worrying to be done I just don't do it. I'm the laziest person I know so this is the first time I can apply my super sloth skills to something good, I wake up in the morning and start worrying about a host of random things and before it gets out of hand I decide I'm just too lazy to worry about stuff.

All the great teachers recommend silence as a cure to the bustle of modern life and it really works, I've been trying silence for some time now and it gives me the chance to relax and contemplate obscure things like why the love affair between Josh and Lucy on that weird soapie I watch would just not work out. Sundays are my favourite quiet days. I wake up, go to church and then spend the rest of the day reading. It's holidays for most varsity students so there's a lot of chill out time. Party like mad but have a time-out whenever you can, you will absolutely love the inner peace it gives you.

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