Monday, 21 July 2008

The Daily Grind

I'm inherently more of an observer of life than one who participates (I'm attracted to the sidelines more often than not), I enjoy stories and the most mind-boggling stories, for me personally, are those of people going about their daily business. I commute to university, thus I have a lot of time to sit and observe people on their daily grind and it fascinates me how immersed people are in their routines. On some strange level it's like watching ants. The lady with the umbrella - just in case it rains - will always be standing at the corner at 07:45 waiting for the car that picks her up and the man in blue overalls, whom I assume is a plumber, is always at the door of a corner shop at 07:50 eating a sandwich. It's like clockwork the way this all happens. Maybe this is because I'm crazy, but I imagine that underneath all of this preciseness there is some sort of anarchy waiting to be unleashed. In my head I see people throwing stones at buses, burning cars and strangling cats... they're all just waiting for an excuse to escape from mediocrity of the daily grind. That's how all the crazy things happen in the world, one cog becomes loose and all of a sudden there's a revolt against something you did not even knew existed... but it's always been there, looming. Thus I sit on the bus surrounded by the chatter of people on their way to work and a little part of me is afraid that this serene picture could easily explode into a huge ball of violence.
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