Monday, 4 May 2009

The Horror

I've been downloading old-time radio horror shows for the past few months and listening to them on my mp3 player on my way to varsity, and recently someone pointed out to me that this is strange. Apparently I'm the only person who listened to tales of terror on the radio as a kid - I have no clue where everyone else grew up. To all the masses out there, who are clearly out of the loop, I must tell you that listening to a radio horror story is a very frightening experience, especially if the actors lending their voices to the drama are good. I don't recommend it to people with heart conditions! I've had many sleepless nights after listening to stories like Dr Grimshaw's Sanitarium. The horror stories that aired in the '50s are the scariest in my opinion - they have a weird vibe about them that just freaks you out as a listener.

Get a dose of some old school horror here.


Psirux said...

I must get on to those Charlie-san. Being freaked out is definitely a thrill to seek(in the safety of imagination!).

Charles Siboto said...

I've added a link for you :)

Anonymous said...

The imagination offers no safe haven. The more vivid it is, the more deadly it is.