Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Falling in Love With Humanity

I Give My Beauty And My Youth To Men,  But My Wisdom, Experience, Time and Love To The Causes Of Humanity and ALL Life. For With Sacrifice Comes Balance, Awareness and Inner Peace.

I'm sad that people make something like falling in love seem so difficult. I'm a lummox, falling comes naturally to me - whether it's down a flight of stairs or into the heart of another human being. I'm not even speaking of romantic love, I'm simply referring to falling in love with your fellow man. I'm mean, petty, judgmental and probably cruel to many people - those I know and those I don't - but I find that I have an above average tolerance of people and their strange personalities because I seek to understand them and what they're about.

Imagine a world where everyone made some effort to get to know others on a less superficial level. That's the sort of world I'd like to inhabit, a place where people allow others to be as quirky or eccentric as long as those personality traits don't result in harm to others. In many parts of the world we have made a huge dent against issues like racism and many other prejudices but people still don't know what the person sitting next to them on a bus is about. I'm not saying know the lengths and depths of everyone you ever meet, all I'm saying is try a little harder to understand when an opportunity presents itself. Share some of yourself and listen to the other person a little more deeply than you usually do. Of course the world is filled with people who are douche bags, scum bags, lunatics and the rest of humanity's crummy lot so be careful about who you go and show a little extra kindness to . . . unless you are eloquent in several forms of the martial sort of arts, then you can afford to try get to the soft core of those scary looking big guys with the cold eyes.

Falling In Love Consists Merely In Uncorking The Imagination And Bottling The Common-Sense.

I like my space and things that are my own, I'm very territorial and slightly obsessive compulsive about my 'stuff' and I like that part of me, I find it to be rather quaint. So the last 3 months have been hard on me, what with life kicking me in the nuts for making stupid financial decisions (or failing to make decisions at all at times) and me having to move home after 3 years of living in my own space. Negotiating space with a strange mother, slob of a sister and bundle of energy of a 4-year old cousin has been difficult to say the least. But I've learned to become more social through it all and to understand life from their perspective: mom's just outright crazy and doesn't like things beyond her control in the house, even things that aren't her own; sis is just too cool to care about where she leaves her clothes, shoes or books, neatness is not something that adds to her life and cousin's just a kid who needs all of his toys scattered on the floor in front of him to have fun. I still consider moving back home a bad experience but I've opened myself to it a little more and when I'm not annoyed I love my family a little more.

To Love Deeply In One Direction Makes Us More Loving In All Others.

Human beings are rather exceptional creatures when we aren't killing each other and we all just want to be happy because we were programmed for Joy. We try and get to that state in the strangest, if not dumbest, of ways most of the time. But, of late, I really do love us a little more. I've tripped into that love and it's really squishy and nice.

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