Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cupboard Person of the Week

"I will not let failure and defeat write the story of my personal history.
Instead, I will let my life speak the tale of the greater narratives.
Narratives of those who became great."

My Juliet, Audrey Katsidzira's on my hit list this week. She's a friend of mine who's not imaginary like most of them on here are and her influence on me is worthy of bards telling tale of it accompanied by the music of lyres. Don't tell her this, but I've set in motion a plot to convert her to my musical sensibilities under the guise of 'just sharing the love'. Very soon she'll be rocking out at death metal concerts and drinking the blood of cute bunnies. It's going to be great.

I don't see her at all as much as I want to but she always knows exactly what to say to me. She's like a sip of refreshing water, is my Juliet. Just watching her live is inspirational to me. She's a friend whom I consider a role model and a mentor. She is oh-so beautiful, both physically and spiritually. Her mind is like C.S. Lewis writes of that of his wife, it's that of a leopard or a panther; quick, lithe and nimble. She's the sort of person who can put up with and laugh at my shenanigans but she can put her foot down and keep me in check when the need arises.

Lady Juliet is without a doubt one of the best people I know and I'm glad of it. She's ahead of me in terms of things accomplished but not so far that I can't see her clearly enough to look up to her. She's near enough to give me kind words of encouragement when I stumble and fall, is gentle Juliet. It's nice to have friends like her to look up to because their presence is much more real than that of people you don't actually know.


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Audrey Harmony said...
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Audrey Harmony said...

I say, shes very lucky to have you in her life. Methinks that the pleasure is all hers. There is a story about something like that. How sometimes we value people because in the midst of looking into their eyes, we see our own beauty reflected. Thank you for being that iron that sharpens iron bud...honestly Im truly humbled and blessed by your friendship and how you hold me in such high regard. (Now to to live up to this image...)

This is truly amazing, I see beauty that only a true artist could create in your writing... I wish I could describe me like that :) So beautiful.

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