Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Letters to God #5

Hey there Big G,

Pieces of Letters to God

You're Life's manager, right? Well she gave me lemons and doesn't want to take them back. I don't care for lemonade or jumping back into the public eye and squirting lemon juice in it, like that Eminem fellow. So here I am, talking with You.

In fact these lemons are going a long way in souring my life: I lost my wallet because of them, lost a friend's money and computer hardware. My favourite pair of jeans died. All these little things keep happening and I blame the crate of lemons.

This crate of lemons is just sitting here and doing nothing for me. Could you just take them off of my hands so that I can utilize the space for something else - like placing my new sweet hat on?

Please do that for me.

That is all, Sir.
Amen and good day.

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