Thursday, 14 February 2008


It's been sometime since I've posted on this blog (varsity's been bogging me down with some actual work!) but I'm back and there's a phenonomenon I've noticed that I'd like to share with you guys. I have a friend who is six feet deep into socionics and he just happens to be one of the few people whose psychological profile is extreme, thus he will serve as a brilliant test bunny for my observation. I've scanned through socionics and I'm a layman of the science so please bear with my very shallow insights. I'm very fascinated by dualities because they seem to be cropping up everywhere I look these days. I was reading a book on antimatter which is the dual for matter and it seems that for everything in the universe there is a dual - black and white, ying and yang. Back to my extreme friend. He's a guy who does everything to the point of obsession or he simply doesn't do it at all. He's extremely masculine and rational. Now the girl that he's into is all girly girl and very emotional. My psychological profile is murkier, I'm more of an emotional kind of guy and overall my characteristics aren't that extreme. The interesting thing is that the girls I'm drawn to are just as fuzzy as I am when it comes to their make-up, but fuzzy in a way that perfectly complements my fuzziness. So duality occurs even on less clear-cut levels. I'm still reading Jung but when I'm done I'm definately going to read more into dualities so I can eleborate for you guys. Consider this to be an introduction of sorts. I'll even get my friend to leave a detailed comment on his understanding of the concept of dualities (which is greater than mine).

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