Monday, 11 August 2008

The Grand Wizard

This post is dedicated entirely to the strangest and most wonderful person I know, my dear friend, Lex Luth. I'm a tad bit strange but if there was a category for strangeness in the Olympics between the two of us ol' Lex Luth would most definitely take the gold home with him. Everyone I know has some sort of expectation that I try to live up to; when I speak to my mother I think okay this is my mother, I have to behave in this manner and when I'm with other friends of mine I think okay this is what is expected from me. This is probably a shortcoming that can be attributed to me but when I hang out with Luth life becomes almost surreal. I can talk to Luth about a dragon for hours on end. Seriously. We'll sit there and discuss dragons in great detail, we'll talk about their scales, claws, wings and the fire that they breath and anyone walking by and catching snippets of our conversation might suspect the use of drugs. This is a wonderful quality of Luth, I think, the ability to just absorb everything and to keep up with any of my many fantastical thoughts. We never discuss 'real' things much when we're hanging out, our talks always take place in some realm of Faerie where great wizards wield powerful magic. What makes Luth so wonderful is that he is a traveller in all the realms of Faerie. He spends the majority of his time exploring these realms and like the grand wizard that he is he never imposes his will on any of the inhabitants or objects there, which is why the people of Faerie always welcome him. He is not a conqueror hellbent on conquest but rather he is the sort of guest who shows up at a doorstep and though he is uninvited one is pleased that he came at all. He is ever the unexpected guest that one always has room for in your house. It is said by some sects that you should always be courteous because you might just be in the company of angels. I believe that when you are with Luth you are in the company of a great wizard. There is no way that Luth is a native of this world. Though he does not know it he must come from one of the realms of Faerie. Of this I am certain.


Psirux said...

It's always strange to be seen through another's eyes and perceive truth you cannot normally see yourself...almost like looking at yourself from the reflection. And strange truths are what make life interesting, though unsettling they be:-)

Charles Siboto said...

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you are a grand wizard from another realm sent to spy on the education system on this planet ;)Your secret is safe with me.