Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lost in the Cosmos, Project Enlightenment

This morning it finally hit me. Lo! And behold; illumination! For the past few years I've had a problem with the reality that is people and objects. I could never understand why life just kept happening. Whenever I'd hear people complain about one trivial thing or the other I'd think Dude! You're worried about the colour of your socks in a universe such as dangerous as ours. I always felt like some great pretender when I went about my daily business. Making coffee in the morning never felt real. I mean, what profound meaning is there behind making coffee? Now that I think about it, making coffee is riddled with meaning... Napoleon Hill told me this way back in high school but I think we can all safely conclude that I am a dummy. When I stand there making coffee and thinking about what my plans for the day are I'm enjoying the sweat of many brows; the people who plant the coffee beans, the people who package the coffee, the people who ship the coffee, my mother who earns the money to buy the coffee and so on. What does this all mean? I have no clue but I could go on about the intertwined destinies of all these sweating brows if someone was holding me at gunpoint and I had to say something to save my skin. Okay, I'll just shut up and smile because I'm just talking trash right now :)

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