Monday, 18 August 2008


Rush headlong and hard at life
Or just sit at home and wait.
All things good and all the wrong
Will come right to you: it's fate.
– The Book of Counted Sorrows

I’m sitting here and reading through some of these posts and my goodness! At times I’m such a dramatic lunatic. I remind myself of the guy in Asterix and Obelix who always thinks the sky is falling. I spoke to two people this morning who think that all bloggers are narcissistic people who think that they are really clever. All bloggers do, according to these two sources (who are Honours students in Philosophy I might add), is sit around philosophising about silly things. Looking at this blog they might have a point, most of these posts scream I’m so cool and everyone else is so strange… yak, yak, yak, I’m so misunderstood. I’ve been told to get a life a number of times in my er… well… "life", everyone else has one. Lives are apparently mass produced and sold on every street corner on the planet. One size fits all. I think I’ll take a yellow one; it reminds me of SpongeBob. I’ll bother venturing out of my head and taking my new life for a spin. I can’t seem to find the seatbelt on this thing though… you’d think that at a speed of 24 hours a day a seatbelt would come standard.
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