Wednesday, 15 October 2008

March On

This post is dedicated to all of my goodbuddies :), even though most of you don’t read my blog – you bast1ds ;) Maybe one day when I am dead and some of you guys are still kickin’ it strong you’ll be digging through the archives and stumble upon this post. To all my friends, from people I’ve been with me for years to that one person I just said hello to on the bus this morning, I love you guys like mad (but I still reserve the right to hate your guts if you behave like a chode – a word which here means jerk).

Never again will a single story be told as though it’s the only one. – JOHN BERGER (Epigraph to Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things)

It makes me feel fuzzy inside when I see my friends doing awesome things that make them happy.

Sleuth, with help from Dean, put together a respectable PC (from my point of view anyway) and he has been gaming the days away. His supply of games is drawing to an end though because he plays 24/7.

Dean got himself a new graphics card and he’s got some major plans for upgrades throughout next year. The dude’s playing Crysis and having a good time of it. He’s also getting into the local rock scene and he’s planning to attend a few gigs and, naturally, I’ll be tagging along.

Last time I spoke to Anouk she was having boy trouble and not listening to my sage advice because she felt like being stubborn. Get yourself sorted dear girl! Just hook up with H. and see where it leads you. Here’s the mantra: how will we know if we just don’t try?

Sleuth and I hung out with Katie yesterday and dragged her around campus showing her what the student life is all about. It’s not as glamorous as all the poems say ;) Katie is doing well at work and she got a promotion a month or so back. Respect to the woman.

I hung out with M’Jackknife last week and the man’s having a tough time with accounting. It’s your own fault buddy; you should have studied medicine like you were planning in High School. You’re my most disappointing friend of the day ntanga (I’m getting you Fight Club for Christmas; maybe Tyler Durden can talk some sense into you.

To the rest of my goodbuddies: keep the faith strong :) *Live it up to the best of your ability and make sure your strand gets woven into the great human tapestry.

*Just to clarify, my definition of ‘live it up’ is reading as many books as you can and lying under as many trees as you can – that’s why God invented trees and people make paper from trees after all.


Anonymous said...

The best quote ever: '...reading as many books as you can and lying under as many trees as you can – that’s why God invented trees and people make paper from trees after all.'

Surely this is a mark of a wise man. Keep up the good work!

Charles Siboto said...

Thank you. Pop in once in a while to say hello. I might even organise some tea and cake.