Thursday, 1 January 2009

There's Life After the Party

My sneaky plan for this festive season was to fly under the radar and not be noticed but, alas, that didn't work. I had my hiding corner all kitted out with everything comfy or edible lying around the house so I can read the days away. My corner was discovered and I was immediately dragged, kicking, biting and screaming, to the nearest pub where I now have my own honorary table and beer mug. After a week of drinking beer and eating pub food I'm super tired. I left the pub this morning and waved goodbye to my pub friends and the waitress I had a minor crush on. I got home and went straight to bed and prayed, thanking God that I'm still here on this blue ball called Earth :)

I had a good time at the pub but I have to go back to being a bibliophile.

A prosperous new year to everyone on Earth, Mars, Oogle Google or wherever you are :) God bless.

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