Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The World Is Too Much with Charlie

The world is too much with us; late and soon
- William Wordsworth

I have always suspected that I am a materialistic person but things have finally spun out of control. I want, want, want and I want some more! My latest 'want', I'm proud to say, is actually a desperate need in disguise.

This post is aimed at anyone in this wide world, and even worlds parallel to this one, who feels the need to grant a poor African pseudo-kid the one sensible object of all his desires (drum roll): an Amazon Kindle 2 .
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As a certified bookworm I need to have this space-age piece of technology. I'm always lugging books around and this tends to disturb a lot of people on the bus. I'm a skinny dude with the upper arm strength of a Keibler Elf and I'm a bit of a lummox - thus I'm always dropping heavy books on fellow commuters' toes and falling on them. If a very kind person bought me a Kindle 2 this would not happen and many toes would be spared.

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