Monday, 30 April 2012

Letters to God #4

Hello there Big G,

Pieces of Letters to God

I'm feeling as grey as the dreary sky outside. Things are just not falling into place it would seem. My efforts at pushing hard at this life business seem quite measly in the greater scheme of things. I'm feeling all sorts of sorry for myself. I'm not that great at life it would seem. If you left breathing to me I'd make a mess of it somehow I bet. Ah, well. I'll just sit here and share my feelings of inadequacy with the sky. That's what I'll do. Life's giving me lemons and I don't like them much but I can handle them in a pinch.

Anyway, all the soppy stuff aside, how are You? Are You still on top of all things wonderfully wibbly and mysterious? Do tell a boy. I like listening to the small sound of Your still, soft voice in the din of the roaring thunder.

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