Monday, 30 April 2012

Letters to God #

Hello there, Big G.

Pieces of Letters to God

I hope You're well and all. I started writing you a letter some time back but then my train of thought got derailed... What I wanted to say was significant in some manner so I shall keep it in the wings till it feels the need to resurface again.

Onward march to today then, I'm seeing Red. I want Red October to take flight and be all kinds of cool, You know. So, yeah, please provide me with some guidance on this long, hard and pretty satisfying (reading this again, I realised how that can apply to things other than what I mean) road. Yes, that's what I need, You to hold my hand. That is all. Also, I have a Lady Love who needs some 'cute' added to her life. Could You do that for her please. She'll be cool with added 'cute'.

First things out of the way then. Good. Now I can proceed to tell You stories. Family hey. Scumbags. What's up with that? They're all annoying furry creatures that are in my face all day long. Do You have any qualms with me punching them? Just a little. I suck at the being all familial with my family, they annoy me too much. Bless their souls. I'd rather punch them - out of love and all that jazzy stuff.

Tell me, do You support football? Since working out with the boys and having to listen to them yap about it all day long about it I find it a little intriguing... When it's not being boring. So I was just wondering if You care for that football sort of thing. If I were You I'd not be able to really bring myself to care too much, but, Sir, I am not You.

Funny thing today :D. An old, and somewhat annoying, friend visited me today and a comment he made was the height of my day. He figures that when You chucked Lucifer out of Heaven You made a mistake by not stripping him of his angelic powers. I just loved how serious he was about the matter. So, Big G, You made a boo boo there.

I'm out. g2g, as the cool kids say. I love You madly (which is to say that even when I'm mad at You I love You).

P.S. I'm listening to the radio and there's a guy preaching about how You like 'bastards, cripples and broken things'. It's really cool. I'm a bastard and a broken thing. Just saying ;).

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