Friday, 1 March 2013

The Gig Life: The Book Launch That Got Away

I am a blogger and I am a writer of things wonderful and somewhat wibbly. I am damn good at these things and aim to be better everyday - except for Tuesdays, I have imaginary alcohol and drug addictions to develop on Tuesdays. I barely get paid to do this and yet I love it something fierce, even when I'm hating it. This is what I want to do with my life. I see myself in libraries, publishing houses (or even mansions) and interesting spaces in Media. It's rough breaking into these industries! One needs Bilbo Baggins' burglary skills.

My compadre, Varsha and I have been on our grind for a while now and have started out lining up gigs like book launches and other cool, bookish stuff to attend and cover using professional and only somewhat whimsy words. A picture of an author in a hat, smoking a pipe might accompany said words every now and then. One (or two in our case) can only plan so far ahead. Varsha is Team Books LIVE and I'm Team BizCommunity. We pool our collective ninja skills and write up a storm (a very professional one, I promise) about all the cool stuff we see, hear and sometimes lick at gigs.

Our first gig was to be the launch of Steven Boykey Sidley's second novel, Stepping Out. The shindig was to take place at Exclusive Books in Hyde Park, Sandton at 18:00 on Wednesday, 27 February 2013. I wrote it all down in a snazzy notebook and because I decided I like Mr Sidley I wrote down a bunch of questions I wanted to ask him and read reviews of both his books. Varsha and I had sent messages about cameras and her car giving her problems back and forth from Monday and we were ready to do this. She was going to write an article for Books LIVE and I was going to help with pictures (if Mr Sidley happened to be wearing a hat and was smoking a pipe) and generally work the room - get info for future gigs and maybe steal a purse or two, you know.

Wednesday arrived, on time, like it always does. I prepared myself and left well ahead of time to catch an early bus so as to avoid traffic. I went as far as wearing a nice collared shirt tucked into dressy jeans and All-Stars for comfort. I had my snazzy notepad and everything. All this only to find out an unfortunate mix-up of dates had occurred and the event took place the previous evening. I was so disheartened that I laughed. Varsha was on the phone with a very rude person from Exclusive Books who complained as if it were her fault the dates got mixed up.

Shit happens at the best of times and it makes for fertile ground for funny stories. We'll just have to hold out for the next gig to murder.

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