Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Krazy Komfy Kupboard Person of the Week: Pippa Tshabalala

Hi everyone and welcome to my Krazy Komfy Kupboard,

Grab a virtual chair and let's see which wonderfully wibbly human person has managed to intrigue me this week.

Once in a while you come across someone who's walking on a similar path to yours and they're a few steps ahead and they inspire you to keep on walking in that direction because there's light there. I came across Pippa Tshabalala in NAG magazine, a South African gaming publication I've been reading since high school.

Pippa writes a monthly column in NAG that I like and I decided to Google her and it turns out that she's exactly the sort of person that I like and try to to emulate. She's a gamer, freelance writer, On-Air Producer for MTV Networks, former presenter of gaming TV show, The Verge and she is a former part-time lecturer at Wits and Greenside Design Center. Pippa is also an ink fiend who sports some cool tattoos and she's one of Adidas Originals' brand ambassadors for this year. Most of all she just seems like a cool human being.

I've been reading her work and I love the way she writes, her intelligence and how passionate she is as a gamer. Those are things that inspire me and make me work harder as a writer, gamer and lover of all things story.

It's always nice to find cool people who've done something that people might deem as childish and turned it into a career because that means what you want to do is also possible. So big up to Pippa for being a shining light for all of us on the murky path to share our gaming passion and make a career out of it.

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