Friday, 26 September 2008

Defining My Great Line

I’ve heard it said that the years you spend at university are the ones that mould your character and define how you will live your life in the ‘real’ world. For me, personally, it seems to be true. The last three years have been the most turbulent in my relatively short stay on this planet. I’ve been lonely, sad and heartbroken. I’ve fallen in love only to think that it might not have been love, after all, I’ve tried to find out where I fit into society and I’ve lived outside of society when I felt I didn’t belong. I’ve known joy that made my heart soar, I’ve had laughs with good friends and I’ve accumulated, what seems to me, vast amounts of knowledge. The most concise way in which I can summarize the last three years is: life happens.

In an interview, Christopher Dudley from the band, Underøath said about their album, Define the Great Line, “[Y]ou just have to find that line and that way to live your life". I can’t agree more. I think I’ve come to a point where I’ve found that line, I know how I want to live my life and now I have to step up to the plate. My life is a tad bit strange but that’s what makes me love it something fierce. Like Odd Thomas, I’m something of an oddity and that is the quality that keeps me on my toes – my life is exciting enough to keep me alert and quiet enough to make me feel serene.

Tonight I’m going to see Underøath with Dean and Sleuth and as you can imagine it’s all rather exciting. Hopefully “[a]t the end of the road [I]'ll find what [I]'ve been longing for ”. The camera on my cellphone is pretty sucky but I’ll take pics anyway and post them on Monday or something :)

Remember: life happens ;)

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