Friday, 19 September 2008

I’ve been feeling overwhelmingly sad at the meanness, spitefulness, pettiness, bickering and stupidity of human beings of late and so I dedicate this post to all the wonderful people I come across in my life. Thank you for touching my heart.

Dean (bestbuddy): No worries about life, let’s stay chilly and enjoy the ride because the best is yet to come. On the 26th we’ll go see Underøath and totally party it up :)

Sleuth: You’re my rock k1d. Respekt!

Anouk: I don’t like that I get to see so little of you :( You make me laugh with your stories about Hermie and Emo Guy. The fact that you talk more than me still perplexes me :?

Leigh (most beloved of friends): If you weren’t already taken I’d marry you. If I was limited to just one friend at varsity it would be you. I’m keeping you in my life forever and there’s nothing you can do about it, you great big lunatic.

Lydia: Even though you’re a girl you’re my boy.

M’jackknife: Hola ntwana!

Tshepiso: Hey bro’ :) I miss you dawg. I hope your gynaecology studies are going well, you great big perv ;)

Sinqobile (lil’ girl): Hugs all the way from Jozi to Cape Town.

Catharine (Katie): Sometimes you and Raycene weird me out but it’s all good.

Raycene: You’re a mad person who asks me too many questions for which I have no answers :) You’re like a younger sibling on crazy pills.

Zay: I’ll bring the movies I promised you. Please don’t bash me ;)

Lulama: When are we going to the pub so you can buy me a beer?

To the semi-sweet sipping peeps of ol’ school: Graqa, T-Bash and Lee – I miss you okes :)