Monday, 10 June 2013

Settling In

I'm a hobbit at heart, soul and feet. I love food, warmth and comfort. I tend to dislike new experiences and new places because it means I have to take some time getting used to them and I feel weird during that whole process. My Tookish side, which is to say my adventurous side sees me through such times and when I am at the other end I'm not sure how I got there but it feels like home.

I arrived in Cape Town last week Sunday to the most dreadful weather possible! It was just hail and wind that threatened to sweep me off of my feet. The city was still very beautiful though and I couldn't wait to explore it and get to know it. I lived in Bantry Bay for the first week, near the sea and that was lovely! I got to run along the coast and watch waves when I came from work. Some really nice folk even took me to Stellenbosch to do some wine farming over the weekend and that was just beautiful. I'm earnestly considering moving to Stellenbosch for a while after getting to know Cape Town intimately.

Work has been nice and confusing at times but I'm getting the hang of it and will be a rockstar at it. The people are uber friendly and Afrikaans so my Afrikaans brain is kicking in full force and I will be a chocolate boertjie very soon.

I've moved again, to a backpackers in Observatory this time and it's an odd experience living with so many people from so many different countries. I got to talk to some cool people though and that's great.

That's me still getting the lay of the land and laying down a framework for the future :).

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