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TEDx Table Mountain 2015 Videos

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I attended the 2015 TEDx TableMountain event at the Artscape Theatre here in Cape Town on 25 May, which is Africa Day. The event's theme was Journeys of Excellence and showcased some of the great work being done by Africans to create a better society for all of us.

Here are some videos of some of the speakers and performers of the event.

Whispers of Wisdom (@Whisperzofwiz) delivering a performance that inspires Africans, especially the youth, to dream bigger than is expected of them.

Dr Tindile Booi’s talk/performance was my favourite of the evening and her way of telling stories, singing and dancing is a thing of beauty to behold.

Dr Gubela Mji spoke about her experience working as a researcher collecting data about how to improve the lives of disabled people but then seeing that research just being stored up in shelves and never being used for anything.

Shadreck Chirikure is Associate Professor of Archaeology and Director of the Archaeological Materials Laboratory at the University of Cape Town and he addressed the negative view that people have of Africa as never having produced any technology.

Dr Llewellyn Padayachy, a paediatric neurosurgeon spoke about his research into non-invasive techniques to diagnose and guide the treatment of critical conditions affecting the brain.

Derek Gripper (@derekgripper) translating great African composers whose music is passed down for generations but never written down.

The evening saw a powerful performance by the Ikapa Youth Dance Theatre (

Joseph Wamicha, a young man after my own heart, spoke about how the idea of deeper space exploration and eventually colonisation is not just the stuff of science fiction but something we can work on right now.

Paul Mesarcik (@paulmesarcik) showed a device that he and his team created to detect shack fires before they spread and leave many people homeless.

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