Friday, 18 October 2013

Dragon Age 3 Snippets

BioWare has become synonymous with good RPGs over the years and the Dragon Age series is one of the best in their line-up. The third instalment, Dragon Age: Inquisition is looking to raise the bar higher and amaze gamers the world over next year. Dragon Age: Origins was a great game with some flaws and a derivative plot but it was well executed. BioWare dropped the ball a little with Dragon Age 2 but it was still a strong game. One of the things that make BioWare such a great developer is that they seem to get the fine balance of listening to community feedback and making their own innovations to their games.

Speaking of community feedback, they are running a Community Gameplay Styles and Preferences survey for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Check it out.

The position of Inquisitor comes with cool rings.
As far as I can make out from all the news doing the rounds on the interwebs, BioWare is taking everything that worked in the previous games and building Inquisition from that. EA’s Frostbite 3 engine will ensure that the journey back to Thedas not only looks great but also feels great.

Character creation will lean more towards the system in Origins and allow the player, in the role of Inquisitor this time around, to customise their character’s appearance in great detail. Characters will be highly customisable all the way down to how armour looks on them. The same breastplate will look different on different characters.

Expect a new and more fluid fighting system. BioWare’s still pretty hush, hush about this but from the above survey it looks like they’re trying to find the sweet spot between Origins and DA 2, with an inclination towards the way Origins did things.

It’s a BioWare game so you know you must keep your save files and that the choices you made throughout the previous two games will influence some of the elements in Inquisition. Perhaps some cameo appearances from your Warden or Hawke.

The guys over at BioWare have been playing a lot of Skyrim in order to ‘study’ its open world mechanics. We understand, you guys. Inquisition is set to be much larger in scale than its predecessors and allow players a greater deal of freedom. This is, of course, quite welcome. Don’t expect it to rival Skyrim in scale though and the gameplay will still be quite linear.

Oh, no! Boob cuts. The horror!
BioWare mentioned a multiplayer component so there is a chance of taking the journey through Thedas with a friend in co-op mode. I’m holding thumbs for this feature.

There’s honestly not too much being said about the game and all the puzzle pieces we have are very enticing. Personally, I want to know more about Varric and Cassandra. What’s the deal there? Then there’s the war between the Templars and the mages. As Inquisitor what is your mission and are you sided with the Templars?

Many questions and very few answers but it looks good and hopefully it delivers on all of its promises.

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