Friday, 18 January 2008

Ghastly Gatekeepers

I lead a... strange life, and as you can imagine, this does not go down very well with tellers, cashiers and bus drivers.
These gatekeepers are always fierce and menacing. Every time I check out books at the library I have to go through these scary people, every time I pay for a chocolate bar I'm faced with their scowls. It's like I have 'Pick On Me' written on my forehead! What makes the whole thing really terrible is that they torment me in an implicit manner - their cunning is downright freaky. Maybe I'm just paranoid....
Seriously though, service in Jozi is pretty bad. You always hear big companies go on about how important their customers are and that as such they are number one priority. I guess they forgot to tell the people who have to deal with the customers. There are terrible customers whose brains don't function, but why should we suffer because of them or because the cashier's boyfriend is a womaniser who seduces unsuspecting ladies with his pot-belly and moustache?
That's my rant for the day. It's well within my rights to get a touch annoyed when people glower at me when I'm paying for my chocolate bar!

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Psirux said...

I always have one solution to those bleary-eyed keepers: shut them out! I look the other way or over their heads or even give a leaden stare! But I guess such things can't work for everyone, especially a smiley dude such as yourself...I guess you are right though, if there is to be world peace (ha!), such things have to be set right.