Friday, 11 January 2008

Songs About Boys Trippin' on the Phone

Maybe it's just me, but almost every time I switch on my radio I'm bombarded by songs about boys trippin' on the phone and how the singers aren't going to put up with these boys' cheating ways anymore. Then you get some boy singing about how sorry he is for cheating and that he now realises that he can never feel the same way about any other girl. I wish they'd all trip over a microphone cord at a show and fall into the crowd where I can get at them with a hammer. It seems to me that all contemporary mainstream music is about the relationship dynamics between guys and girls. Do people have nothing else going for them? Is there no higher existence for mankind than a romanticized manner of hunting, gathering, breeding and basically just surviving through the ages? Man is always glorifying the fact that he has a highly advanced neocortex that distinguishes him from lower animals. Humans still blindly follow their lower animal instincts though. We still have wars to satisfy the greed of chubby dictators who sit in their offices the whole day.

It would be endearing to hear someone sing about how much she loves her granny or how much joy her XBox 360 is giving her. Take Avenged Sevenfold's A Little Piece of Heaven as an example of something refreshing. It's a song that touches on necrophelia and it's presented in a very entertaining way. It's like having your granny, bless her soul, tell you a ghost story that's dark, scary and funny in all the right places. It's still a song about a guy and a girl, but with a demonic twist and there are no boys trippin' on the phone in it.

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