Friday, 25 January 2008

Life's Wonderful

Just the other day I decided that life is filled with magical moments just like all the great stories tell us. The mediocrity of everyday life makes us forget this great truth. I'm a bookworm of sorts and every time I meet people and they ask me about my life they are shocked by the way I reply. I narrate the story of my life as if it was an epic fantasy novel. I'm a homebody who reads books the whole day but I think my life is more exciting than a guy who goes clubbing every night and that's that, nothing else matters in life. My argument is thus: I get to see the world through billions of eyes and my inner life is so rich it's scary. The guy who goes clubbing every night lives only one life and draws from less sources than I do to enrich his life. I draw inspiration from books, movies, people around me (yes, even from the guy who goes clubbing on a nightly basis) and from the physical environment itself. I have great life coaches like Stephen Covey, Albus Dumbledore, Gandalf Greyham, Spiderman, Obi Wan Kenobi, Aslan, Richard Rahl, my mother and goodness! the list just goes on and on... So I say let's all cheat at this life business and encompass a billion lives into our own and leave the world having experienced all of the world's wonders. For the past couple of days I've been going around just loving my life and thinking how magical it is. If you're Christian it's a bonus! Christians have Jesus Christ who is so much fun being around it's downright bliss. Think of it... Christianity tells the greatest tale ever told in the world and lo! it's not just a tale, but it's the gospel truth. Many atheists have all sorts of reasons for not believing in God, Jesus' divinity and all that stuff. I just think they're missing out. Religion aside, people really should not settle for mediocre lives - we should all rage against that sort of thing and be happy people dammit!

I say this again; I'm an idealist - bear with me.

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