Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Goodbuddies-inc, t3h Book Club

I've gone and changed things with no one's consent again. The semi-existent book club known as Inklings Too is being changed to Goodbuddies-inc because I feel that the former name is restrictive to doing what the original Inklings society did. So what I'm doing is changing the name to Goodbuddies-inc because that's what the club is about; people getting together, talking about interesting reads and meeting weird and wonderful people. We're having meetings on the first Friday of every month from the 6th of June from 15:00 till we all pass out from virgin Cuba libres and can't find our way home. The meetings would take place at the Green Dragon Inn if we could afford a machine that allows for inter dimensional travel but since we can't we will have to settle for The Wee Pub, which happens to be situated in-between a comic book store and a secondhand book store for atmosphere. Anyone who wants to show up and talk about books, anime, comics, my toenails* and meet strangers who probably share similar interest and have weird ones of their own send me an e-mail (fr33charles@gmail.com). There's no official membership as such, we're just people who meet at a pub and talk about books and things – it's fun and it's somewhere to show off your amazing beer guzzling skills.

* This topic will only commence after a barrel or two of beer I suspect :)

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