Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Of Madness and Prince Caspian

I'm very sad to see that the madness that is xenophobia continues and it has spread to other areas of SA, most notably to where I live. Pockets of people in my neighbourhood were trying to start something yesterday but the police quickly squashed it. Most of the shops were closed and people holed up in their houses. I was outside yesterday afternoon and it was eerily quiet in the street. I always asked myself how the Rwandan Genocide just happened over night, how does violence just erupt on such a massive scale? Well I think I'm seeing evidence of this now. This whole saga just makes me want to projectile vomit on the perpetrators.
Moving on to a brighter topic ^_^
The Prince Caspian movie is being released on the 6th of June and in preparation I re-read the book yesterday and the same mob mentality as we have in SA is featured in the book and the whole thing stems from people misunderstanding each other like the Old Narnians mistake Caspian as having the same intentions as Miraz because he is a Telmarine. All the nonsense aside I'm looking forward to how the Prince Caspian movie is going to turn out and with me writing exams it's probably the only 'fun' thing I'll be doing for some time. I've been running around mentioning Prince Caspian to all my non-literary friends and I suspect that most of them are irritated by me being so kiddish... that explains why no one replies to my text messages of late.


Psirux said...

Errr...seeing as I'm not one of your "non-literary" friends it was not necessary to reply right? Anyhow, looking forward to seeing this even more 'cause I have to refresh my memory as well...

Charles Siboto said...

You're a fellow bookworm and that counts as literary. Anyway you spend so much time here that I'm thinking of allowing you to add your own posts.