Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fool

It's the first of April and I'm feeling rather foolish. I'm quite disturbed by the shocking reality that people will walk over you when you let them and I'm extra-disturbed by the fact that I walk over people without a second thought if they let me. In the last two days people have let me down and I'm super peed off at them. I relied on these people to keep their promises and they didn't! The whole thing got me thinking about the times I've let friends and family down and now I really feel like a hypocrite. Here I am whining about the universe being against me when I do the exact same thing to people I claim are important to me. So I asked myself, why do I let people down? Usually I sit there and think this is my buddy/family, they'll understand. If I tell a stranger I'm going to do a thing I'm more likely to do it for them as opposed to doing it for friends and family. Now I'm thinking that this is just plain crazy. What I'm doing is trying to prove to people I don't know what an awesome person I am and skimping on the people that do think I'm a cool person. This is just plain twisted. I have to fix this.

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