Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Mist

A friend of mine, Leigh, who is a big Stephen King fan, got me excited about The Mist and I remembered the story from King's anthology of short stories, The Skeleton Crew, which I read two years ago and I was super psyched to see how it turns out. The movie starts out with David Drayton painting a picture of Roland from King's Dark Tower series, which I think is an excellent touch because most of King's stories are interlinked. The story is basically about David, his son and the grumpy neighbour who go into town to get supplies after a vicious storm and when they get there a thick mist envelopes the whole town and they are all stuck in a supermarket. The strange mist conceals Jurassic bloodthirsty creatures. A psychological battle ensues in the supermarket when people get hurt and people start losing their sanity. Some people want to leave the market, others want to stay and a crazy zealot lady wants to sacrifice people to the creatures in the mist. The movie is faithful to the King's novella and the ambiance the mist sets up is superb. I'm not sure whether you'll like the movie or not if you've not read the story but if you're a fan of Mr King's work you're in for a treat and don't miss the end, the movie throws in a little twist that left me astounded.