Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Know Your Place!

Dean and I always talk about people who settle for things simply because they believe it's their lot in life. It's quite terrible. People who see themselves as being average settle for average things, an average boyfriend or girlfriend, an average house, an average dog and basically an average life. A part of it is social conditioning. Society needs poor people, middle-class people and rich people in order to function. I'm fine with this as long as there's some sort of dynamic where people transcend the state they find themselves in if they're not happy with it. A street sweeper's son growing up to be a street sweeper (unless they honestly love it) is just plain wrong. As long as a society has a steady sort of flux it's okay I think. A street sweeper's kid should become a cop if he wants to or the President of Mars. Things are terribly wrong when social conditioning dictates to you that you should know your place and stay there. Let's say you're chubby, socially awkward and have dirty finger nails and you want to date Rihanna. You sit and think this girl is way out of my league and then you decide to settle for some girl who is in your league. I say (and everyone with sense says) forget about the league and improve yourself to until you can honestly say to yourself that you deserve to date a girl like Rihanna or some boy like... er... some hot boy if you're a girl. Lose weight, learn to value yourself, get a manicure, beat up her boyfriend and befriend her dog. The thing with Rihanna is that she's human and she might still reject you after you've become excellent because she's making eyes at Josh Hartnett. With things like cars, houses and teddy bears it's easier I suspect. If you want to drive a Cadillac I doubt it will turn you down after you've come up with the money for it. Luckily self-improvement is always a good thing regardless. If you constantly oil your machine you get more out of life. The point of this ramble is to tell you to go after what you want without fear of leaving your comfort zone. Leave your comfort zone and explore the world. It's worth the effort.

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