Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dualities Continued

We die and rise the same, and prove
Mysterious by this love
. - John Donne, The Canonization

This post is an expansion of an entry I posted on the 14th of February (Valentines Day... hey people pair up on that day! Dualities are everywhere). I've been doing some thinking about soul mates (again) and asking people (mostly girls) what they think of the concept and many of them believe that there's someone out there tailor made for each and everyone. Billions of people go through life without getting into meaningful relationships at all and people are getting divorced all over the show but people are still keeping the faith. I did some thinking and reading about couples who have been going strong for decades and I believe that there are probably lots of people tailor made for each other on earth. A great number of people go through life without experiencing that kind of thing though. If people know about dualities then maybe we can all be a bunch of ridiculously happy people who live on a blue ball. [I]f there is such a thing as true love then it could probably only occur in relations of Duality.
It's amazing how everything seems to come in complementary (or antagonistic) pairs, almost everything is 'lock and key'. Ask any StarCraft player and they will tell you about the supremacy of the keyboard and mouse control system. When God created the earth He made night and day, the sun and the moon, man and woman. In the animal kingdom there is the predator and there is the prey. Obviously this is super general but there's no escaping it, it's like Neo's antagonistic dual, Smith, says "It's inevitable" (this doesn't even fit but I'll just shove it in there somewhere and ruin the whole 'lock and key' vibe I have going on). What do these dualities mean? Is it a case of good and evil and one eventually having to come out victorious or is it a symbol of how things must seek harmony and complement each other. In Christianity one must help one's brother carry his burden and share his load. Is that what humans have to do to live in harmony? Complement your brother's strengths and weaknesses? God (again in the Christian sense) is a tri-unity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The Son's will is in perfect accordance with that of the Father and there is a Spirit of love that binds them/emanates from them. Maybe that's what duality is about. Man should hook up with woman and from that union emanates the spirit of love. Man should love his fellow men and bam! the spirit of love flows from that. Maybe it's like John Donne notes in his poem, The Canonization, we find in us (the whole human race and couples) the eagle and the dove, in us there is both strength and weakness but these things in one body of people can make them transcend into a phoenix, something eternal. Could it be that duality then is not the end but the means of transcendence?

Let me know what you guys think, leave a few comments on your thoughts and I'll rope my goodbuddy Dean to come say something about dualities and socionics. Lex Luth will also probably have something worthwhile to add.
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