Friday, 7 March 2008

Car Crash Hearts

I'm just thinking about Fall Out Boy's song, Thriller, where they sing:

long live the car crash hearts,

long live the car crash hearts!

cry on the couch,

all the poets come to life

I was hanging with friends of mine, Anouk and Shelley, yesterday and A. was telling us about all the trouble she's having with her car. The car's like super old and has been in the family for eons. It's actually her mother's car and she's having this strange relationship with it because she has to get to know it first and it's just crazy cool the adventures that she has with this car. There's a hill she can never go on because they've just not progressed to that level in their relationship and gosh! it's just mad charming. The car always stalls at a petrol station or near one so she knows she'll never be stuck in the middle of nowhere with it and there's a hole in the floor so you can see what's happening under you I guess. The only thing I know is that I'm going to steal her car when she's not looking and I'm taking a road trip with it to Bloemfontein. We'll be jamming to Fall Out Boy and it's gonna be fun!

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