Saturday, 22 March 2008

Mental Slavery

I heard the most shocking thing ever last night! My family was going on about how hard it is being a black person because one has to appease the ancestors. I was blown away. I have a great respect for people who believe in a thing (even if it's totally opposite to what I believe) because it makes rational sense for them. It's one of those problems I have with religion where people are born into let's say a Pastafarian family and they adopt the religion because their parents believe in it. My family feel that they have to believe in what they believe (a mix of Christianity and ancestral Xhosa tradition) because they are forced to as a result of being Xhosa. I love my God-given free will and I love to choose my own course in life. People should sit down once in a while and think about things they believe in I say - you'll be much happier that way and way more sure about your beliefs. I'm seriously shocked that my family feels stuck in their beliefs!

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