Monday, 24 March 2008

Soul Mates, Love Songs & Sonnets

I was speaking to S. (the girl I'm crushing on as things stand) about soul mates some time ago and she mentioned something interesting. She figures that the concept of soul mates doesn't just apply to lovers but to everyone in general. S. says that all sorts of people who make an impact on your life can be your soul mates; a best friend is a soul mate, your golden retriever is a soul mate, your grandmother is a soul mate... and so on. I've thought about it and I agree. You learn things from people you meet and they contribute to your life, making some sort of impact on you. There are probably people you love dearly and they are part of your soul in a way. This take on soul mates got me thinking about love songs and poetry. One always assumes that the addressee of love songs and poems is the speaker's lover even if it's never explicitly stated. In many instances the speaker could be addressing his or her brother, parents or cat. An example is Shakespeare's sonnets. Critics are still speculating if they are addressed to a lover, a friend or maybe simply a benefactor. Imagine writing the following lines to a friend (I think this is especially weird if you're male):

When one takes some time out to think about it there's nothing wrong with writing these lines to your friend (of the same sex). In our day and age people would think you're a closet homosexual though. I don't see it as being that weird (writing emo poems to your friends I mean) but that's just me and according to some reports I'm a tad bit strange.

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