Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Metamorphosis (second stage, moving into third)

When I'm down in the doldrums I write poetry, I don't pretend to be any good at it but it helps balance one's emotions.

The Metamorphosis (second stage, moving into third)

I woke up one morning
Only to find that the sun no longer shines for me

I woke up to a cold and lonely world
Where no tall trees grow

I guess what I’m feeling can be called sorrow…
I’m not sure though
Because at times if feels like I’m the last man on Earth

I see people walking around with smiles on their faces
(I wear one too)
They all look happy
Then again I look happy too…
Happy living my lie

I sit and mull it over in my head
And come to a conclusion…
I’m a creator dammit!
I don’t have to stand for this meaningless existence

And thus I withdraw into my cocoon

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